Die Jurymitglieder, die wir für jede Runde auswählen, sind internationale Fachleute mit langjähriger Erfahrung. Sie wissen genau, was ein gutes Hochzeitsfoto von einem durchschnittlichen unterscheidet. Der erste Eindruck, Emotion, Atmosphäre, Besonderheiten, Verwendung des Lichts, Komposition und Nachbearbeitung – das sind die wichtigsten Kriterien, nach denen die Fotos beurteilt werden. 



Alle Einsendungen werden anonym beurteilt, das heißt der Name des Fotografen ist dabei nicht zu erkennen. Die Jurymitglieder prüfen und arbeiten unabhängig voneinander.
Ein Jurymitglied kann seine Stimme an maximal 10% der Einsendungen vergeben.
Ein Foto erhält dann den Award, wenn mindestens zwei Jurymitglieder für dieses voten



Carlos Santanatalia

I'm a wedding photographer because of real passion and insistence, because I like this job and because I do not see myself doing anything else. I'm in love with photography and its power to remember. I feel really privileged to freeze with my cameras so personal and emotional moments of people who trust me. I believe in this profession and in the ability we have to make all those moments eternal and real. In the future our greatest treasure will be our memories, our photos. I think that the best value we can bring to our work is to tell a story about the real and emotional moments of our couples. I believe that we should never lose the illusion of photographing with our hearts and I hope that all my colleagues think so too.

Rank 9 of Spain in Fearless Photographers

Rank 28 of the world 2018 on Fearless Photographers

7 Fearless Awards

12 awards in Wedding Photography Select

1st place The decisive moment Spring 2018 Contest in ISPWP

Denise Motz

Hi, I'm Denise and I have great passion for photojournalistic photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. 
After completing the Academy of Fine Arts I didn't immediately start wedding photography, but mainly focussed on free work. As my images evolved, I developed a soft spot for wedding photography. By linking my own work to wedding photography, a unique visual language has arisen. I'm super calm and like to give the couple and guests some trust in me by talking to them, make some jokes and really get to know them. Always looking forward to a new wedding day! In 2018 Denise has won 5 Fearless awards, 3 This is Reportage awards and 1 Story award.


Sabina Mladin


I love people, I love life, I love to be creative, I love to dance, I love to travel and I love my job as a professional photographer because it offers me that and much  much more. My photographs are my reflection!

You will see in my work real moments, emotions and true feelings, captured with love and edited in vibrant colours but also black and white.

My photographs  represent both the people who have put their trust in me, with the most important day of their lives, but also they represent me,  who I am, and how much of myself I invest in every single shot that I take.