Die Jurymitglieder, die wir für jede Runde auswählen, sind internationale Fachleute mit langjähriger Erfahrung. Sie wissen genau, was ein gutes Hochzeitsfoto von einem durchschnittlichen unterscheidet. Der erste Eindruck, Emotion, Atmosphäre, Besonderheiten, Verwendung des Lichts, Komposition und Nachbearbeitung – das sind die wichtigsten Kriterien, nach denen die Fotos beurteilt werden. 



Alle Einsendungen werden anonym beurteilt, das heißt der Name des Fotografen ist dabei nicht zu erkennen. Die Jurymitglieder prüfen und arbeiten unabhängig voneinander.
Ein Jurymitglied kann seine Stimme an maximal 10% der Einsendungen vergeben.
Ein Foto erhält dann den Award, wenn mindestens zwei Jurymitglieder für dieses voten



Marissa Joy


 Marissa Joy Kaplan is an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She has been named a top 13 wedding photographer in LA, awarded several Fearless Photographers Awards, and was selected as Best of the Best by Junebug Weddings 2016. When she is not photographing weddings, she documents branding and decor for top Hollywood Studios. Her clients include Netflix, Amazon Studios, Hulu, Absolut Vodka, Dove, Peloton, Glossier, Benefit, E! Network, Cone Denim, and Samsung. 





Sergio Lopez


 Back in 2003, I decided to become a professional photographer when I realized how much I loved capturing moments in real life. That year I started Sergio Photographer and since then I have been photographing weddings, portraits, headshots, Quinceañeras, corporate events, maternity sessions, baby sessions, engagement sessions, dogs, and many, many other things all over southern Arizona and other destinations around the world. One of my goals is to serve my town by providing excellent, creative and evocative photographic work. 

In 2012 I reached a huge goal when I got part of the yearly list of The Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World published by American Photo magazine. I was also honored that they picked one of my photos for the cover. 

Tonhya Kae


 Who really enjoys writing this part, am I right? Not me, nope. But here’s the deal, I tend to dig deep into my couples so I guess it’s only fair that I share a little about myself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an awful memory (get it?). Not in the lame excuse kind of way, in the real way. Photos and visual reminders have been the best, and sometimes only way, for me to remember some of the details of my life. That used to make me quite sad, but now I’ve fully embraced it and made it a part of my career and passion.